Spring summer 2014 White Plenty

The title White Plenty is a direct translation from Kazakh “Ak Mol”.

“White in Kazakh culture has many dimensions and meanings. Milk products are collectively called “the white” and they are ascribed a magical curative power. White embodies pureness and dedication. Traditionally Kazakhs greeted visitors and guests with food and refreshments of a white colour, symbolizing that the relationship was going to be genuine, pure and of a pleasant nature”, the designer explains.

AIKA ALEMI’s signature reversible patchworks, quilts and felt-on-silk textures made of natural cottons and silks, luxurious lace and jersey form the basis of the WHITE PLENTY collection.

Day and evening dresses, soft transformer jackets, flowing skirts, transparent shirts, hems and sleeves rich in ruffles and edgy open seams - all create relaxed but elegant looks with multiple adaptable uses.

The designer is inspired by the absolute color of white splitting into a palette of its own: from bright snow white and subtle off white to the ‘edible’ whites of vanilla, cream, milk, butter — whilst only occasionally allowing a hint of delicate nude, pistachio and sky.

Furthermore Aika sought to express her inspiration for this collection through a short film, also entitled WHITE PLENTY. Directed by Nursulu Jaxybai, co-founder of AIKA ALEMI, the film examines the designer’s deep connection and love to nature and the eternal values of dedication, purity and innocence.

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